Family warns others after a dog bites daughter in the face

Published: May. 5, 2016 at 2:22 PM CDT
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As the school year comes to a close and our kids will spend more time at home, one family has a warning.

They say an unfortunate accident involving their dog left their five-year-old girl with holes and scars all over her face.

They wanted Eyewitness News to tell their story in hopes this doesn't happen to you.

We showed Addysyn's pictures because her parents felt it was important to show what can happen in just a split second.

"To just see the damage and just, she's five. I mean. She's five. My only little girl," said Matt McCreary, Addysyn's father.

Wednesday night, Matt McCreary says Addysyn was at her mom's house when she dropped a stuffed animal and reached down to grab it at the same time as two year old lab, pit mix, who, in the past had never been aggressive.

"Apparently the dog thought it was one of his or something and they went for it at the same time and unfortunately, my daughter kind of got the raw end of that deal," said McCreary. "Her ear was pretty well torn, this was a complete gash that I was talking about, that went into the ear canal."

Beth Ericson, an Obedience Instructor at Chisholm Creek Pet Resort, says sometimes as dogs approach social maturity they'll show more aggression than when they were younger.

"Even if there hasn't been an incident of aggression, you should still be doing everything you can to make sure your dog is socialized and trained to make them as reliable as possible," said Ericson.

She says to teach your kids to not take toys away from your pet. Don't approach them while they eat, and discourage them from hugging or kissing the dog on it's face.

"Things that people perceive as affection aren't necessarily comfortable things for a lot of dogs," said Ericson.

Despite not being there, McCreary is now beating himself up over what happened to his only daughter.

"My reach is only so far, but when you see that. You start asking what could I have done to make it so that couldn't have happened. Of course," said McCreary.

Addysyn had surgery Wednesday night and has multiple layers of stitches on the left side of her face. Despite the severity of the damage, McCreary says doctors hope to let her go home late Thursday afternoon.

Doctors also say Addysyn should be able to regain full function and feeling in her face. As for the scars and their severity, it's still too early to tell, but doctors are optimistic they'll be minimal.