Farm Rescue helps injured farmer with harvest in first project in Kansas

Published: Jun. 28, 2020 at 9:46 PM CDT
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It's harvest time for wheat farmers around the country but some farmers are struggling to reap what they've sowed whether it be injury or COVID related issues.

"We were involved at the right time when he had his accident with his leg and so we were right on top of that with PrairieLand coming to us and asking if we would help out with harvest here at his farm," Tim Sullivan, Farm rescue development office, said.

Farm Rescue is a non-profit that helps farmers and ranchers in seven states across the Midwest, hoping to save as many farms as possible during tough times.

Greg Staatz recently broke his leg in a farming accident and it put a damper on his harvest operations. That's when his employer, PrairieLand of Abilene, reached out to farm rescue.

"So what we do is we come in when there's an injury or an illness, can be a COVID related illness, can be a natural disaster, but our mission is to come in and do the harvesting right now for this family," Sullivan said.

This was Farm Rescue’s first project in Kansas. The group of volunteers are hoping to finish by Monday and then head west, where they'll complete the organization's second harvest project.

"You may not be unemployed but their livelihood depends on markets and getting around certain regulations or COVID, just like everybody else,” Sullivan said. “So this adds to the stress on the farm."

Staaz's family and friends were able to work side by side with the farm rescue volunteers to knock out this year's harvest.