Fighting seasonal allergies

The seasons are changing, and for many, that means allergies are acting up.

Allergists say symptoms could really start to flare up this week. The main culprits for allergy symptoms right now are grass and trees.

Allergists say these can give you a wide range of symptoms and everyone handles those symptoms differently. From itchy eyes to runny noses and congestion, to sneezing - allergy experts say you need to pay attention to your symptoms to decide how best to handle them.

The first step is to try to avoid being outside if possible. Work out indoors and opt to eat inside at restaurants, instead of on the patio.

Allergy shots or steroid packs can give you temporary relief, but managing symptoms long-term will make you feel better overall.

"The best medication is nasal spray," said Dr. Thomas Scott, allergist with Via Christi. "Individuals will take anti-histamines. That's not the best treatment because only mildest patients respond. If you're taking an anti-histamine and it works - you're great. otherwise use nasal spray. several products work over the counter."

Allergists say weed pollen and mold spores typically don't become an issue until summer.

That means for now, focus on tree and grass pollen and avoiding them if possible.