Firefighters battle blaze at Joyland in south Wichita

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Firefighters battled an early morning fire at the abandoned Joyland Amusement Park in south Wichita.

Fire crews were called Thursday morning to Wassal and Hillside for a report of a fire.

When crews got on scene, smoke and flames were coming from the Wacky Shack building on the property.

Crews were able to contain the fire to that area and extinguish it in less than an hour.

Firefighters say no one was hurt.

It is the 18th time in the last five years Wichita firefighters have been called to Joyland.

Fire Marshal Stuart Bevis said people are trespassing on the abandoned property.

"There’s always an allure unfortunately when it comes to vacant structures," said Bevis. "Obviously an old amusement park has its creepiness factor, and there’s all these other things, and so people tend to be drawn to that kind of thing."

He said it causes a huge safety issue for firefighters because it's even more dangerous to battle a fire on property that is abandoned and not maintained.

"...The damage to the structure, the excessive storage, and then somebody may be entrapped in there all puts crews at a great risk," said Bevis.

He said the city's building department got involved to make Joyland safer for crews responding to fires here,and some buildings were torn down.

The cause of Thursday's fire is undetermined because Bevis said there isn't enough information to confirm it was arson.

"Obviously there’s no power or gas to the structures out there, so unless it’s a lightning situation, which I don’t believe any of these were, a human hand is involved, but then it becomes was it initially set? Was someone hanging out there with a candle or smoking or something like that?" said Bevis.