First fleet of electric scooters arrives in Wichita

Published: Jul. 15, 2019 at 4:38 PM CDT
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Wichita's newest mode of transportation officially rolled out Monday. Throughout the city, people can rent electric scooters.

A few hours after the city launched its program with new electric scooters, people were already catching rides through downtown Wichita. Before hopping on, riders need to download the Spin app on their smartphones, then scan a code to unlock the scooter.

Riders also need to read the full safety instructions in the app.

The scooters cannot be ridden after 9 p.m., they will not go more than 15 mph, and they are only allowed on streets with speed limits no faster than 40 mph.

"Always remember to wear a helmet. You always make sure you follow all the rules you would (on) a bicycle," says Karl Alexander with Zagster, the company making the scooters available in Wichita. "You're not allowed to rid on sidewalks. You are allowed to ride on any street or bike path."

It costs 15 cents per minute to ride a scooter.

The 500 scooters available are included with the first fleet of scooters coming to Wichita. Two other companies will bring scooters to the city in the near future, eventually providing more than 1,000 scooters available for rent throughout the city..