First hit of winter weather not uncommon for October in Kansas

WICHITA, Kan. From high temperatures in the 90s in the first week of October to below-freezing temperatures low temperatures forecast for Friday, it may seem like we skipped fall and went straight to winter.

However, it's not unusual for the season's first freeze to happen in the first half of October. This same week last year, we were talking about the same thing: a jump from warm weather to chances for snow and winter weather.

A winter storm hit far northwest Kansas, one year ago today (Wednesday). Also last year Wichita saw its first measurable snowfall with 0.7 inches on Oct. 14. This was the earliest measurable snowfall on record for the city.

In the previous fall and winter, Wichita's first measurable snowfall didn't come until after the New Year, on Jan. 15, 2018. In 2016, the season's first measurable snow fell on Dec.17.

Going back farther, one of the biggest blizzards in state history happened on Oct. 25, 1997. With this storm, parts of northwest Kansas saw up to two feet of snow.

On average, Wichita doesn't see its first snow until Dec. 2. Goodland's first snow usually comes around Oct. 31 and Dodge City sees its first snow around Nov. 19.

But, as recent history shows, October snow in Kansas isn't unheard of.