Five-year-old drumming prodigy joins high school band

(CNN) A five-year-old drumming prodigy joined a Louisiana high school band.

(Source: CNN)

Jeremiah Travis' mom, Nicole Jackson, never imagined the tap tap tapping that used to drive her mad would lead to this.

"He was sitting in the stands just beating on the stands with some drumsticks, and I was like 'who is this little baby keep beating drum sticks in the stands,'" said Chesteron Frye, the band director at St. Helena College and Career Academy. "So we told him 'come on over' and we held the drum out. Someone was holding it and he just started going, going against the other band across the field and I was like 'wow.'"

That was when he was two. Now the kindergartner is a full-on member of the St. Helena band. Travis' cousin, Kenya Brooks, taught him how to play.

"He was like 'Mimi, I want to learn how to play the drums like you,'" Brooks said. "I was like 'Alright. let me teach you real quick.'"

Jeremiah says his cousin also taught him how to dance.