Fixing your car following Winter weather

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) The ice can make it difficult for drivers to avoid an accident, even for the best drivers.

Ice is a challenge and often leads to curb jumping or accidents for people who couldn't slow down.

Eyewitness News found tips from '' a website sourcing mechanics for auto repair help and DIY resources.

According to the site, you should inspect the front end of your car after making contact with the curb especially the side wall of the tire because that material is thinner than the tread.

If there are chunks out of the side or the wheel is damaged you should get that checked out right away.

The next step is to drive your vehicle to determine if your alignment shifted.

The site recommends driving the car slowly in a straight line and if your vehicle pulls to either side you'll likely need your tires realigned.

If your car completely hopped the curb, it's important to remember that parts underneath the vehicle were probably affected.

There are several body shops in Wichita that offer free checks that we would recommend having your car lifted and inspected.