Flexible seating for classrooms

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Many teachers are moving away from the traditional table and chairs and trying out a alternative way to learn.

First grade teacher, Alicia Chavers is trying out something called flexible seating.

After some research, she found it helps students who fidget at their desk concentrate.

"It can help with behavior issues and collaboration among students," she says.

She is still working on the concept but Chavers want to incorporate flexible seating options in every one of her students.

Having flexible seating for her class must come out of her pocket. She found some inexpensive options, such as bouncy balls for just five dollars.

Recently, she reached out to friends to see if they had anything better they'd like to offer her.

"I turned to social media thinking maybe people would have some stuff that they have just sitting around that they may want to donate or sell for cheap. I got a few things that I could use in my classroom. I'm looking at different ideas and trying to do it on a budget for now until I see if it will actually work."

Chavers will continue to search for flexible seating throughout the school year.

If you are interested in donating to her classroom, you can contact her by email. achavers@usd261.com