Dry weather ahead for flooded homes in south sedgwick county

Sump pumps in southern Sedgwick County continue to run from weeks of heavy rain, but this week, homeowners there have a stretch of dry weather to look forward to.

A break from rain means the Kane family can start demolition on their basement. They are tearing everything out because they found mold after weeks of having their basement flooded.

They live in an area with a high water table, which didn't make their situation easier.

"We still have the sand," said Susan Kane.

Kane says there's a fine line between too much water and not enough. She says a few days of extreme heat has ruined some of their crops, adding to their list of things to worry about.

Kane says water still isn't having any trouble seeping its way into their basement.

"My husband says it's slowing down , but I don't believe him."

Kane says for now, they will do what they can and hope things even out.

"One day at a time," says Kane.