Flooding tying up railroads in Kansas

Published: Jun. 8, 2019 at 3:37 PM CDT
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The Kansas Sheriff's Association says railroad companies in Kansas are advising flooding has caused problems for trains.

The Cowley County Sheriff's Office shared the notice saying it came from some of the railroad companies. The companies say, "a significant amount of rail lines in Kansas are flooded or damaged from flooding rendering them unusable until flooding recedes."

Once waters recede, they still have to wait for the rail lines to be inspected and repaired.

The companies told the association the railroads are still having to convey the same amount of shipments but because of the track issues, there is increased traffic on the available lines. This is causing trains to have to stop for other trains as well as other issues requiring longer periods of stopping.

Cowley County sheriff David Faletti said the railroads are, "merely asking for our understanding of the issues the flooding is causing for them and want us to be aware of the reason for potentially more and longer crossing blockage issues."

He says the railroad companies are also asking the sheriffs to advise people about this so they have reasonable expectations when coming to a rail crossing blockage.

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