Flooding causes extensive damage to Winfield Fairgrounds

COWLEY COUNTY, Kan. Repairs are underway in Cowley County after flooding causes extensive damage to several areas, perhaps most visibly at the fairgrounds near Winfield.

Assessing damage at the fairgrounds kept new Winfield City Manager Taggart Wall busy on his first day on the job.

"It will be a significant amount. We lost a restroom," he said Monday afternoon after beginning the process.

Last week, water covered almost all of the fairgrounds at 1105 W. 9th Ave.(just off US-160 and near the Walnut River.) Now that it's dried up, Wall is seeing what's left. This was so much water in the area it eroded concrete, leaving small pools around the fairgrounds.

Wall says flooding in the area is nothing new and one practice at the fairgrounds is to open a door to one of its building (Building 4) to allow water to rush through. Using the structure this way is intended to limit damage, but this time, the rushing water ripped off parts of the building's siding.

With water-damaged buildings and flooded campgrounds nearby, Wall says he expects thousands of dollars worth of total damage once assessments are complete. He says crews will be busy for the rest of this week to get everything back up and running as quickly as possible.

The Cowley County Fair is set for Aug. 1 through 5 at the fairgrounds near Winfield. Wall says the fairgrounds should be open to the public once crews fix the pavement, but Building 4 likely won't be open until July.

"We are just lucky to have the people that we have to work for us,: Wall says.