Flooding highlights concerns about proposed biofuel plant in Sumner County

SUMNER COUNTY, Kan. People opposed to the proposed methane biofuel plant in their Sumner County community continue their fight against the project. Recent flooding has highlighted some of their key concerns.

People living near the plant's proposed site near Peck, about 20 miles north Wellington, worry storm water could carry chemicals from the plant into the Ninnescah River.

On its website, the VNA Corporation promises not to pollute the river. It says in the rare event of a spill or leak at the plant, there are no public-health concerns. The company's website also says the site of its proposed Sumner-County plant near Wellington lies outside of a flood plain.

Peck resident Jack Ray is among those with doubts.

"They seem to think their plant will not be affected by any of the floods or the rain, and it won't affect any of us. Well, everything that goes on (at the proposed plant) is going to run downhill into this river, into our homes and our roads, and it will contaminate everything," Ray says.

ON Nov. 7, the Sumner County Planning and Zoning Committee plans to vote on a decision that could clear the way for the VNA Corporation to build its plant near Peck.