Flooding issues continue at Kansas lakes, campsites ahead of 4th of July

Several campsites remain closed due to flooding from last month's near-record rainfall and lake officials across the state worry about what that could mean ahead of the busy Fourth of July holiday.

Latest data shows that El Dorado Lake is just a tenth of a foot away from the flood pool.

"We have over 1,100 campsites at El Dorado State Park and currently we have 450 to 500 campsites underwater," says El Dorado State Park Assistant Manager Mitch Lowry.

Lowry says the latest storms this past week didn't help as the lake level jumped by more than a foot over the weekend. He says El Dorado State Park staff has been working the phones to call people who have reservations to either give full refunds or credits for another trip.

"Up to date, we have called over 100, at least, probably way more than that," Lowry says.

Debbie Haled, manager of the Shady Creek Marina at El Dorado Lake says they had to build a ramp to make the marina accessible.

Haled says the flooding has stayed around from weeks before Memorial Day and looking around, it breaks her heart.

"I hurt for people that are here at our docks. I hurt for them. I just want them to have fun and summer is not being fun right now," she says.

While Lowry says he doesn't expect the lake levels to go down much ahead of the Fourth of July, he does expect a lot of visitors to El Dorado Lake, despite the number of campsites that are closed.