Florida family in Kan. heads back home after Irma

A Florida family that fled to Kansas is now on its way back home, not knowing what to expect when they return.

Ashley Trein and her family are from Bradenton, Fla. They made the decision to evacuate, and with family in Kansas, made the long drive to the Sunflower State. They made the trip with three vehicles, three kids and four dogs.

"It's kind of hard to find a place that's going to take all of us," Trein says.

She says the longest part of the trip from Hurricane Irma's threat was in Florida.

"At every road we tried to take, it was just dead stops," she says.

Now the family fears the trip home will be just as tough. They've loaded up gas cans for the return journey because they know finding fuel may not be easy the closer they get to home.

Trein says she's seen pictures and videos of the devastation in Florida, but is not sure what they'll find when they return to Bradenton. All the family can do now is prepare for the long drive and hope for the best.

"We don't know what to expect, if there's flooding, if we even can get home," Trein says. "We just...we just don't know."