Former KS governors join coalition against Gov. Brownback, supporters

Published: Jun. 24, 2016 at 10:12 PM CDT
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Democrats Kathleen Sebelius and John Carlin, and Republicans Bill Graves and Mike Hayden.

A bi-partisan group of four former governors uniting behind the group called the "Save Kansas Coalition", who are making an effort to stop what they call a dangerous agenda from current Governor Sam Brownback and those who they say serve only that agenda.

“We are tired of being the butt of jokes across the country,” said Carlin. “We are tired of economic development experts on a national level pointing out Kansas as a place not to invest in. We are tired of people looking for opportunities to leave, and finding it more difficult to attract talent to Kansas. This can't go on.”

Friends University Political Science Professor, Dr. Russell Arben Fox, calls this bi-partisan unity unprecedented.

“It is almost certainly unprecedented in the state of Kansas and possibly across all 50 states. Four former governors, Republicans and Democrats, coming together and saying there needs to be some brakes put on the Brownback agenda.”

“Right now the Brownback majority is unchallenged in their position of dominance, so they don’t have to think about bi-partisanship. That’s something these governors obviously miss.”

The Kansas Republican Party sent out an email Friday night criticizing the group, in part saying…

“It is hardly surprising that four former governors who presided over massive and needless growth in the size of state government would engage in this kind of political stunt.”

Carlin says their support comes at a time of need for Kansans.

It is historic. It is significant, only because of how concerned we are about where Kansas is and has been going. It's a necessity to turn things around.”