Former Wichita East star set to compete for third NCAA national title

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Former Wichita East High star Xavier Kelly could make history Monday night with a third national title on his resume, as the Clemson Tigers play against Louisiana State University.

In a highly anticipated national championship game against LSU, Xavier says he's ready to win his third national title.

"Growing up you always dream like one day I'm going to be playing college football, college sports, I'm going to be on TV one day. Just to see my dreams come true and my family to be able to see that is amazing," said Xavier.

He says even with Clemson as the underdog, the Tigers are focused with Head Coach Dabo Swinney as their leader.

"He's a motivator and he's a man of God, he's always encouraging us to go to church and quoting things in the bible that relates to our current season- he's just a great leader," said Xavier.

Xavier says his talents go far beyond the football field, he says what he really loves to do in his spare time is artwork. Between sketches of Spongebob, Spiderman, or fallen teammates, he says drawing is his outlet and sees himself getting better just like his game on the gridiron.

"Just like football, sometimes you may make it seem like oh this maybe tough, but you know the preparation and the work that you put in so you know you're ready," said Xavier.

Before Xavier would go on to win multiple championships at Clemson, his mother Cheree says he's always been her champion.

"I am overwhelmed with joy, I'm so proud of him..I mean words can't explain the feeling that I feel," said Cheree.

She says Xavier has always been destined for greater things on and off the football field. She says Xavier acknowledged her sacrifices with raising him in this heartfelt letter on his jersey.

"It's just a thank you letter that he wrote to me on the number two, saying I appreciate you know me being strict back then because it paid off later," said Cheree.

A debt Xavier says he could never repay from all of his families support throughout his career, whether from his mom in Wichita, or his dad in Savannah, Georgia, it's a love Cheree says she will continue to show to her first born son.

As for the football, Monday night Xavier hopes he's ready to bring home another national championship