Former classmate of sexual assault suspect says he would often get angry

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A former classmate describes Corbin Breitenbach as a someone who would get angry and get into fights.

Breitenbach was arrested Thursday, accused of sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl.

When Jacquelyn Ternes saw Breitenbach's name in articles in Facebook, she immediately recognized her classmate from Cheney High School.

"He was kind of a class clown, but he was also very angry and he had a temper," Ternes said of Breitenbach.

Ternes said Breitenbach got into "plenty of fights" as a teenager.

"If someone said something wrong, he'd go from being really laid back and laughing to really angry and wanna fight somebody," she said.

Ternes said Breitenbach was rebellious, often mouthing off to teachers.

"I thought he was just a troubled kid," she said. "I didn't really think he'd ever do anything to what he has done."

Police say Breitenbach made his way into an apartment where a 7-year-old girl was sleeping and sexually assaulted her.

"My husband said that he was a really intelligent kid who could have gone anywhere in life, but never expected him to go this far," Ternes said.

Ternes said her husband went to Marine Corps training with Breitenbach before he was sent to prison for sexually assaulting and strangling a woman in 2012.