Found jewelry, pet reunion among positive stories from NE Kansas tornado recovery

LINWOOD, Kan. While people in northeast Kansas begin to clean up from Tuesday night's devastating, EF-4 tornado, many look on the bright side of a situation that could have been worse.

While many in and near the town of Linwood have to start over, they take comfort knowing no one died in the violent storm. And as the clean up continues, there are uplifting stories reunion and recovery.

Three generations picked through pieces of a room blown into a Linwood yard, looking for a piece of jewelry Bonnie Archembeau's mother gave her before she died in April. After hours of looking, they found what they were looking for.

Engraved on the bracelet, given to Archembeau two months before her mother died, is the message, "My dear daughter, may God always protect you and give you strength."

Archembeau says she feels blessed, despite all she's been through and all that she lost in Tuesday night's tornado.

Another family in Linwood is reunited with their cat, Leo after the storm. After the tornado hit the Duffin family's home, they couldn't find Leo. But as they were cleaning up from the damage, they heard a sound. That soon led to an emotional discovery that brought the whole family together. There safe, among the devastation was the orange tabby, Leo.