Founder of #MeToo speaks at WSU, reacts to Cosby verdict

Published: Apr. 26, 2018 at 9:47 PM CDT
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A jury convicted Bill Cosby on sexual assault charges.

The two week trial included six women who all testified against Cosby, saying Cosby drugged them before they were assaulted.

His attorney says they will appeal the ruling.

Several people say Cosby's conviction is the first guilty verdict for a celebrity since the #MeTtoo movement got started.

It was created to raise awareness for issues surrounding sexual assault.

The creator of the movement spoke at Wichita State University Thursday about Cosby's conviction and several other topics.

"There's all these misconceptions about the #MeToo movement, number one misconception I think is that this is a movement about taking down powerful men, right. I've been on the phone all day today, I've been on television all day today, not all day but most of the day, talking about Bill Cosby."

As the founder of the #MeToo movement, many want to hear Tarana Burke's thoughts on the verdict against Bill Cosby.

She says the movement's goals are sometimes misrepresented.

"You've seen these headlines, who is the me too movement going to take down next, and I do think Cosby is a little different because say in the case of Weinstein he lost his company, his status in Hollywood, I think Bill Cosby will lose his legacy."

She wants the focus on the people behind the #MeToo.

"What can I do, how can I heal, what's possible for me, and so if we keep talking about the accused, the perpetrator, the men and what they lost, we lose sight of the people, the human beings."

Burke started the movement before it became a hashtag -- a decade ago to help survivors of sexual assault.

She says the goal is healing.

"If you are ready to do the work of healing our communities and healing ourselves, I can only leave you with these two words, me too."