'Fowl play:' Vandals destroy Canada geese nest in SE Wichita parking lot

WICHITA, Kan. Two Canada geese cause a scene, hissing at passersby and pacing what's left of their nest after someone smashed their eggs.

Feet away there's a brick that employees at a neighboring southeast Wichita shopping center believe was used in the crime. The geese aren't the only ones upset.

Employees of the shopping center at Harry and Rock Road say they've enjoyed watching the geese come back every spring to nest at the same spot in the parking lot. They wonder who committed the crime, and why.

"They're like volunteer pets. We don't get to do anything with them, but we get to watch them," says Genevieve Watts who works nearby.

Marc Murrell with Wichita's Great Plains Nature Center says waterfowl like Canada geese "will nest anywhere they think they can pull it off."

"We've had reports of Canada geese that have nests built at certain drive-thru windows at fast-food restaurants," he says.

Officers with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism say destroying a Canada geese nest is a federal crime. The only exception is if you have a nest-destruction permit.

"It's going to be against certain federal laws, possibly state laws," Murrell says. "And as far as what happens beyond that, it's up to the court in many cases, as far as sentencing, fines, potential jail time."

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism says its officers can't investigate the incident involving the nest destruction in S. Wichita without having an eyewitness to the violation. Anyone with tips that could lead to finding who's responsible for the crime should call the department at 1-877-426-3843.