Fraudulent international driver's licenses being sold in Wichita

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Some Wichitians are buying international driver's licenses around the city, paying around $150. The Kansas Dept. of Revenue says the licenses, which are listed as made by the United Automobile Association, are fraudulent.

A Bloomberg webpage says the United Automobile Association "operates as an auto club, providing online auto services in China." However, the website associated with the United Automobile Association does not work.

Wichita Police say they do accept international driver's licenses, which are often driver's permits, but could not confirm if they have accepted licenses or permits from the United Automobile Association.

Breana Berroth, driver's license manager with the Kansas Dept. or Revenue, said the United Automobile Association may not be legitimate.

"I don't know if the institution is made up or what not, I mean it very well could be, but I was told by our unit that they aren't issued by any license authority, government or consulate," Berroth said.

Berroth added people with international driving permits must be accompanied with a valid license from their home country.

"They can drive on their international license, like their home country license, for up to a year in Kansas," Berroth said. "They're able to do that with their license without one of these documents and then they would need to transfer over to the states."