Freeze/frost concerns into the weekend

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Chief Meteorologist Ross Janssen says that any chance for light snow flurries will be gone by early Friday with bitter wind chills for much of the area.

It will feel like teens in western Kansas early Friday with wind chills in the 20s central and east. A freeze warning is out for most of the state at the beginning of the day. Highs will be in the mid to upper 40s Friday with sunshine around the area. Gusty winds will finally go down into Friday night.

After mid 30s early Saturday, expect temperatures to gradually warm over the weekend. It will be dry too.

Tonight: Cloudy to mostly cloudy; windy. Wind: NW 20-30; gusty. Low: 36.

Tomorrow: Early clouds then sunny and windy. Wind: NW 20-30; gusty. High: 50.

Tomorrow Night: Clear and cold. Wind: W/SW 5-15. Low: 34.

Sat: High: 67 Sunny and breezy.
Sun: High: 68 Low: 42 Sunny and mild.
Mon: High: 74 Low: 49 Mostly sunny and mild.
Tue: High: 69 Low: 54 Sunny and breezy.
Wed: High: 67 Low: 45 Sunny.
Thu: High: 73 Low: 49 Sunny to mostly sunny.