From playground to world wide web: KC preteens launch successful t-shirt business

KANSAS CITY, Mo. Business is going well for a group of 12-year-old Kansas City boys who started their venture on the playground.

Fox 4 reports the beginning of BOLD Apparel Company started between friends Dean and Charlie who, at the age of 8, sold rocks and acorns to their peers on the playground

"We kind of wanted to have a business, but we didn't have actual money, so we used acorns," Dean tells Fox 4.

A few years later, they recruited friends Andrew, AJ, Colson and Sam and together, convinced their parents that they were serious about starting an actual business. They came up with the idea for an online t-shirt business. They called it BOLD Apparel Company.

The friends meet every Friday to discuss logistics of their business including branding, finances, inventory and filling orders, Fox 4 reports.

The group has big ideas for their company.

“We don’t want it to just be KC. We want to expand it to other states and maybe even other countries,” AJ tells Fox 4.

Their message to other entrepreneurs: "If you're not selling anything, you've just got to keep going," Andrew tells the station.

Dean says the secret is to keep going and not to give up.

You can learn more about BOLD Apparel Company and view its inventory on the company's website.