Frozen pipes forces 6th grade students to miss class at Wilbur Middle

Published: Jan. 17, 2018 at 11:21 AM CST
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Sixth grade students at Wilbur Middle School got an unexpected five day weekend. Several classrooms flooded Tuesday morning, forcing officials to cancel classes Wednesday.

Overwhelming and unsure where to start. That's how sixth grade teachers at Wilbur Middle School felt when they walked into their flooded classrooms Wednesday morning.

"It's managable, it's just time consuming," said John Griffin who teaches 6th grade Ancient History. "But it could have been a lot worse, especially in light of what happened in Houston, this is nothing compared to that."

Sometime Tuesday morning the heating coils in the ceiling froze and burst - sending water pouring down the walls and dripping from the ceiling tiles.

Every classroom in the 6th grade hall had some type of damage. Now a day later, cleanup is well underway.

Waterlines left behind show some areas saw two inches.

Electronics were damaged and now need to be replaced. While anything paper will likely be tossed.

Restoration crews put in large tubes and hung them throughout the hallway and into each classroom. They're blowing hot air and removing humidity to make this area dry a lot faster.

Teachers and staff spent Wednesday trying to clean up and sanitize everything before students return.

After two days of unexpected cancellations, sixth graders at Wilbur Middle will be back in class Thursday. Griffin says they'll need to come ready to work because they now have two days of school to make up.

Since the flooding was limited to the sixth grade hall, seventh and eighth grade students had class Wednesday.