Frustrations continue for Kansans expecting unemployment compensation

Published: Apr. 29, 2020 at 3:45 PM CDT
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People across Kansas off work due to the COVID-19 pandemic express further frustration with the Kansas Department of Labor and delays in issuing federal unemployment compensation.

The KDOL says it issued $600 payments so many are expecting on Tuesday night (April 28), but many reached out to Eyewitness News Wednesday, reporting that that compensation hasn't arrived.

Wednesday, the KDOL says if you haven't seen that $600 payment in your bank account, it should be on its way, saying it can a few days for funds to transfer. The department says those expecting the boost can expect it by Friday at the latest.

The delay, the KDOL explains is that the money goes through the state treasurer and several other banks before it's deposited into your account. With that, the department reminds you to make sure all of your account information has been entered correctly.

"Typically, we do get rejects, and we have been getting quite a lot of rejects from banks saying that we have the incorrect number. So, we go in and send out a letter to individuals to let them know that their direct deposit information has been rejected," says KDOL Unemployment Insurance Director Laurel Klein Searles.

You can make sure your direct-deposit information is correct online at

Even if the $600 you're expecting hasn't been deposited, Searles says you should be able to see that it was issued in your unemployment insurance account.