Future of Century II uncertain

Published: Jul. 24, 2017 at 10:49 PM CDT
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One of Wichita's most iconic buildings could be changing.

It's likely that in coming weeks, you'll hear plenty of discussion about the future of Century II. It involves history. It involves big money, and as we are learning, it involves a lot of emotion.

For nearly half of a century, Century II's distinctive blue dome has been a landmark on Wichita's skyline.

In the coming weeks, you may hear, see, or read about a new campaign to save Century II.

"The city is considering tearing down one cool building in the downtown area, the one that is in all the photos," Wichita businessman Bill Warren says. "It's insane. It makes no sense."

Warren is making it his personal mission to make sure Century II remains standing as the city will decide the fate of the performing arts and convention center. He favors renovation, but says city leaders are privately leaning toward replacement.

"I've had officials, city leaders, tell me that the game plan was to tear it down and to build new," he says.

City officials say there has been no decision and they continue to look at all the options.

John D'Angelo oversees the operations of Century II for the City of Wichita. He says Warren's claim that the city has already made up its mind, just isn't true.

He says he and his staff are putting together the information to present to elected officials, exploring both the options of replacement and renovation.

"In order to provide the (elected officials) the ability to make the decision -- because they are the ones that have to make that decision -- you have to look at all the options," D'Angelo says.

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