Layoffs to begin at Spirit Aerosystems

Published: Jan. 21, 2020 at 3:44 PM CST
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Some employees will know Tuesday night whether their job is safe at Spirit AeroSystems.

Workers we spoke with on Tuesday said they were told by their managers that laid-off employees will receive a phone call asking that they do not report to work.

About two weeks ago, Spirit announced plans to lay off 2,800 employees after production on the Boeing 737 Max was halted.

Spirit said the layoffs would be effective Jan. 22. Still, we received questions into the Eyewitness News newsroom from employees asking us to help them find answers.

We reached out to Spirit AeroSystems, Boeing and union representatives. Some employees who spoke with Eyewitness News Tuesday assume they will lose their jobs based on seniority. At this point, they say they hope to get their jobs back once the FAA certifies the 737 MAX.

Workforce Alliance was able to clarify for us that laid-off employees will receive their full pay through March 10, or 60 days from when the Jan. 10 WARN notice took effect. This applies only to hourly employees. We were not able to get clarification on this information for salaried employees.

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