Father of missing baby sentenced to more jail time on unrelated case

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) It's been nearly one year since baby Vincent Moore has been missing. Vincent's father was the last person seen with the infant.

Vincent's father, Gary Moore Jr., has not been charged with his son's disappearance, but he's spent nearly the entire time behind bars.

Moore does say he's guilty of cutting off his ankle monitor, which he had been requested to wear from a previous assault conviction. Authorities believe he cut off the monitor about the time Vincent was last seen.

While Moore remains in jail, police say they continue the investigation into Vincent's disappearance. They're primarily working off tips and information from the public.

The latest court move means Moore could be in jail for up to another 34 months. His family believes he had nothing to do with his son's disappearance and says Moore wants to get of jail to help find Vincent.

Last fall, court documents showed that Vincent Moore was declared dead. Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett says the infant was declared dead because of the length of time that he's been missing.