Kansas Gas Prices Rise Ahead of Thanksgiving Travel

Drivers are paying more for gas in Kansas at the beginning of this week than they did last week, just ahead of Thanksgiving travel.
Those prices are expected to remain high through next week, according to AAA Spokesperson Shawn Steward.
The average price at the pump in Kansas is $2.41, less than the national average of $2.56. In Wichita, though, prices average around $2.49.
The high prices are due to a high demand, Steward said, so prices that typically rise in the summer have not gone down. In many cases, the cost of gas continues to rise. That is unusual, he said.
“Traditionally, this time of year in the fall, the prices of gas will start to come down from summer driving peaks, but we really haven’t seen that this year. Demand has stayed strong in October and November and it’s really just kept going and kept those prices higher than we have seen in previous years,” Steward explained.
If drivers plan to travel for Thanksgiving, they should budget more gas this year than last. There are a few maintenance items that can be done on your car to increase gas mileage, too.
“You can make sure that your car is tuned up. Get it into the shop, get your air filters replaced, change your tires. It’s important to have your tires properly aired up so that can impact your mileage as well,” Steward said.
Pay attention to your speed while driving, too. If you are driving over the speed limit, your mileage may be affected.
Consider filling up in states where gas is cheaper if you are heading south. If your travels take you north or west, Kansas is likely your best option for gas.
You can check average gas prices across the country through AAA.
Several apps, including Gas Buddy, show you what gas prices are at the gas stations closest to you.