Gas drops below $2 a gallon in and around Wichita

Published: Nov. 29, 2018 at 10:26 AM CST
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People who live in and around Wichita are basking in the glow of falling gas prices.

You can now fill up for under $2/gallon. We found gas for $1.99/gallon at QuikTrip, near K-96 and Oliver.

Both residents and businesses say they're benefiting from the falling gas prices.

All Seasons Construction has a fleet of 15 vehicles and that takes a lot of gasoline. They say they falling gas prices mean they can fill up for less and pass on those savings to customers.

"We spend about 3,000 a month in fuel, so that 50 cents or whatever per gallon, that's a big chunk of change that we save," said owner Steve Hund.

Drivers say its better on their pocketbooks.

"It's just good to see, refreshing for especially those of us on a budget," said driver Charles Welch.

AAA says we can thank high supply and low demand for the cheaper prices.

The last time Wichita saw gas prices fall below $2 was in the summer of 2017, according to If you have a discount card at Dillons or Quik Trip, or a membership at Sams or Costco, it's likely you could see even more savings. One of the cheapest prices we've seen is $1.91/gal. at Jumpstart, 7200 S Broadway St., in Haysville. We could see prices go back up soon. Next week, OPEC is meeting and could decrease the supply, which would make prices increase again.