Gas prices ramping up with transition to warmer weather

On average since the beginning of the year, the price per gallon of unleaded gasoline has increased by about 40 cents in the U.S.

Costs at the pump have steadily increased over the past couple months and AAA (Triple-A) expects that trend to ramp up. The reason: More people expected to drive to vacation destinations means higher demand and with that, costs pushed even higher.

AAA expects as much as a 10-cent jump in the coming weeks and an even higher climb by Memorial Day Weekend in late May.

"If you're on the west coast, you could see it increase a bit more, but more states, and in the southern part of the country, will definitely see that 10-cent increase," says AAA Public Affairs Manager Jeanette Casselano.

Currently in Kansas, motorists are paying an average of $2.48 per gallon of unleaded gasoline. That's up from an average of $2.22 a month ago, but is about what Kansans paid this time last year.