Don't put off getting your car washed, auto experts say

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Salt and brine help maintain traction in slippery conditions but wreak havoc on your vehicle.

Auto experts say you need to get your car washed sooner rather than later because the salt can strip your vehicle's paint or rust the metal parts underneath.

“If you have the plastic cover, that’s great; it’s gonna stop a lot of it but it won’t stop it all," explains Anthony Sullivan, manager at Expert Auto Center.

Sullivan says, if left unattended, the salt can cause critical parts to rust forcing you to replace them.

"Anything that rusts, in due time, it goes bad and you have to get it replaced faster than you would normally if you clean it,” he says.

Sullivan suggests washing the undercarriage of your vehicle by hand for best results. Some drive-through car washes also have undercarriage washes.