Unlikely gardeners fight invasive weeds in west Wichita

Published: Jul. 13, 2018 at 5:59 AM CDT
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Invasive weeds have taken over a property in west Wichita, prompting a homeowner to hire some unlikely help.

Teajai Kimsey says she has tried everything to get the poison ivy out of her overgrown garden.

No matter what she does, it always comes back.

Poison ivy can be a pain for gardeners trying to do landscaping but to a herd of goats, it's breakfast.

"I tried spraying, as did the neighbor on the other side of the fence. It killed off the ivy temporarily, but then it also killed some trees. That didn't work either. I was researching other ways to get rid of the poison ivy and I came across goats."

A group called the Barnyard Weed Warriors will bring 76 goats to her home for about 4 hours to clear the garden. Mary Powell started the business in 2016. Now she travels the state with her goats helping people clear overgrown acreage.

Kimsey says using goats is a win-win because the goats love the poisonous plant and they will also leave behind some natural fertilizer.

"It is really different. I am just excited that we aren't going to be spraying chemicals down, I get the result of natural fertilizer left behind and hopefully, everything will be down to ground level enough where I can cover it up and the ground can heal and everything will die off."

Powell brings electric fencing and a few dogs with her wherever she travels to keep the goats on the property.

Before Kimsey could bring in the goats, she had to ask Wichita Animal Control for permission. According to the Wichita Animal Control, there is no ordinance against using goats for landscaping, but the animals must be contained to the property.

If you would like more information about goat landscaping, visit the Barnyard Weed Warriors

. You can also reach the company at 785-531-0331.