Goddard High School earns $15,000 in new technology for plan to address school safety

GODDARD, Kan. (KWCH) A proposed plan to address school safety puts Goddard High School in elite company.

This week, the school earned the distinction as a Kansas State Winner the the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest. The contest "encourages teachers and students to solve real-world issues in their community using classroom skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)," organizers say.

Goddard High School is among 100 State Winners in the nation, including all 50 states, and for its achievement, wins $15,000 in new technology.

The students used their project to specifically address school safety and school shootings.

Seventy-eight percent of local households have firearms and nearly one-third of homes with firearms don't store those guns in a safe manner. Goddard's proposed project is to create a safe lock to prevent unauthorized access to gun safes and prevent future shootings.

"We've developed a cover for most of the major manufacturers of gun safes. All it does is detect motion and send the owner a text message alert that their cover has been removed from the safe. That way they can intervene if a child has accidentally accessed the safe," said teacher Cassie Banka.

This is Goddard High School's 10th year in the competition.

Kansas' Gardner Edgerton High School was all named as a recipient fo the technology award.

"In addition, the school will also receive a Samsung video kit for students to create and submit a three-minute video that showcases their project development and how it addresses the issue," contest organizers say.