Goessel teacher resigns after photo causes concern

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GOESSEL, Kan. (KWCH) Update Monday, Nov. 13

Monday night, the Goessel school board accepted the resignation of a teacher and coach in the district. The resignation follows concerns from some parents in the district that has come after a photo circulated, appearing to show the teacher and a student embracing.

The Goessel school district has not confirmed if the teacher's resignation is in response to the picture and the parents' concern that followed.

There is no criminal investigation, but the photos raised concerns about the teacher's relationship with a student.

"Whatever this was, and again, this could have been a perfectly fine mentor relationship, but the questions came up, and it was just not addressed," one parent says.

Eyewitness News also received feedback from people in support of the teacher, saying he's had a positive impact on many students.

"I can speak for my daughter that she always felt safe with him," one parent says. "There was never anything, but I know by a lot of kids he will be missed. We lost a good coach and a good teacher."


Original story from Nov. 8

A school board member started asking questions after a photo which appears to show the teacher and student embracing popped up on social media.

Parents say it raises questions about the nature of their relationship.

Goessel school district Superintendent Dr. John Fast says board members were made aware of the picture of the student and teacher/ coach this week.

Fast says he wants to assure parents they're investigating.

"Goessel has always had an amazing reputation for educating our students and it's always our top concern for the safety and well-being of our students. Any time there's any question or concern about it it's our policy as a board of education to look into the matter and take care of it," said Fast.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office says it's not investigating any claims involving a teacher/student relationship.

Parents say reports of the staff member's behavior has made them worry about their own children.

They hope the district's review will bring them peace of mind.

Eyewitness news attempted to contact the teacher/coach in the picture, but couldn't reach him.

The superintendent says they hope to investigate these concerns and they want to be as transparent as possible regarding the outcome.