Governor issues state of emergency in northwestern Kansas

The governor has declared a state of emergency in northwestern Kansas on Sunday.

Brownback has activated the Kansas Army National Guard in the northwestern cities of Norton, Colby, Tribune, and Hays

The National Guard will send the stranded motorist assistants team or the smart team to help you if you are stuck in the snow.

All you have to do if you're stuck is call 9-1-1 and the smart team will come help. The team encourages you to stay indoors if you can but will be ready if you need to get out.

"They go out to pull whoever is in that vehicle then they take them out. Hopefully, they take them home where they can be safe or take them to one of the preassigned warming stations we have set up," says Lieutenant Austin Abernathy.

The Kansas National Guard says all employees, technicians and active guard reserve members will work tomorrow or Tuesday during the government shut down.