Greensburg theater among highlights of rebuilding effort

GREENSBURG, Kan. Mike McBeath did not live in Greensburg when the town forever changed on May 4, 2007.

Living in Arizona at that time, he was looking for volunteer opportunities. The opportunity to help Mennonite Housing build houses brought him to Greensburg after the tornado. He stayed for about one year. Later, he returned to stay.

McBeath serves as the technical director of Greensburg's new Twilight Theatre and Community Auditorium. He also works for the town's media center.

McBeath says he loves Greensburg's small-town atmosphere, but also loves everything the town has going for it, including the theater.

"A lot o f things came out of the tornado," he says. "Being able to rebuild as a green city was awesome. And things like the media center and theater, being able to build with the latest technology and do these things, it's a really cool thing to be part of ."