Grieving friends come to terms with death of teen fatally injured in skateboarding accident

Friends of 15-year-old Sam Harter are coming to terms with his death from injuries sustained in a skateboarding accident.

Police say Harter was riding a skateboard Sunday while holding on to a car window when he fell off and hit his head. He died Thursday.

Blake Chadwick says he was in disbelief when he heard the news about his friend's death via a text message. He says he met Harter in elementary school and the pair played sports together.

"When we played flag football, I would give him that look like, 'Just throw it deep, I'm going to go get it,' and he just... he threw it to me," Chadwick says.

They stayed friends throughout the years they've known each other.

"I never would have thought that someone at this young of an age, especially someone I knew, would be taken so quickly," Chadwick says.

Blake Chadwick's mother, Joanna Chadwick, says she treats her children's friends as her own and says "all (she) can think about is (Harter's) parents" and his family.

"To me, it's just about connections and connecting, and just looking out for each other," she says of being close with her children's friends and families of those friends.

Joanna teaches at Derby High School where her son is a student. When she heard about Harter's accident, she thought about Blake.

"I hugged him," she says. "And that's not something we do at school."

Joanna says it's important to grieve when you lose someone you love, to start a healing process, that right now may seem beyond reach.

"For those who know (Harter) it's about sorrow, and again, just that life gone too soon," she says. "And frankly, holding people closer, because you just don't know."

Blake Chadwick says God has a plan for everyone and "it was (Harter's) time."

Harter attended Wichita Southeast High School. The Wichita school district says it has grief counselors available for students.