Grounded planes at Salina airport highlight impact of COVID-19 on aviation industry

Published: May. 6, 2020 at 4:25 PM CDT
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Twenty seven airplanes grounded at 1 Vision Aviation at the Salina Regional Airport is a visual representation of how much COVID-19 has impacted the aviation industry.

As people across the world choose to cancel trips, airlines struggle to fill their flights with passengers.

"Flights are down, so everybody's parking airplanes because they can't fill up the flights," says Jeremy Bailey with 1 Vision Aviation.

Bailey says empty flights impact the entire aviation industry.

"It hit us hard," he says. "We had a lot of work going on, a lot of work coming. Everything shut down and pulled a lot of work from us."

Now, those 27 planes are parked at 1 Vision Aviation where they'll stay until demand goes back up. When that time comes, the Salina aircraft maintenance company says it will be ready to make sure the currently-grounded planes at Salina's airport are are ready to go back into the air.

Bailey hopes helping store the planes and getting them ready to fly again brings some work back into the struggling industry.

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