Group petitions Wichita police to do more to find Lucas Hernandez

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) The "Finding Lucas Hernandez" search group is calling on the Wichita Police Department to do more to find the missing five-year-old.

The group started a petition in hopes of gaining more participation from police. The group says the department should use its "most powerful tool" - the community it serves - and call on the public to help with searches so more ground can be covered.

"We understand that they want Lucas found as much as we do. We're not coming across as if they're not doing anything. That's not what we're trying to say," said organizer Jule LaForce. "We just want to work with them and hope that they would want to work with us in order to achieve the primary goal here -- to bring Lucas home."

The "Finding Lucas Hernandez" group consists of about 35 dedicated searchers. They say they do as much as they can.

May 17 will mark three months since Lucas Hernandez was reported missing by his stepmother, Emily Glass.

On Wednesday, Glass was acquitted of a child endangerment charge involving unrelated to Lucas.

Wednesday evening, the Wichita Police Department issued a statement encouraging anyone with tips to come forward and saying officers will not give up looking for Lucas:

The Wichita Police Department continues its search for Lucas Hernandez. WPD has mobilized significant personnel and volunteers and searched thousands of acres related to this case. We continue to allocate personnel to this investigation and investigate every tip and lead. The FBI and other law enforcement partners have been assisting in this case.

WPD will not stop looking for little Lucas and as information is obtained on possible whereabouts those areas will be searched. This case pulls on our heartstrings as well as our community’s.

WPD relies on the public to be the eyes and ears in every case and if someone has a location or an area of interest, we ask those citizens to reach out to our investigation section who can conduct follow-up. We cannot share certain information on this case as we do not want to jeopardize the integrity of the investigation. If you have any information please call Crime Stoppers at 316 267-2111.