Group from Nickerson HS invited to sing at Carnegie Hall

NICKERSON, Kan. A group of high school students in Reno County is taking its talents to an historic concert hall in the Big Apple.

The Nickerson High School Madrigals will perform at Carnegie Hall this June. Last year while participating in a choral festival at Friends University, the singers received the invitation from a composer to perform with a choir in New York City this summer.

"Just for them to be there among that quality of musicianship, as professionals in one of the most famous concert halls and to look back and say, 'I was there, I did that, is crazy,'" Nickerson High School Choral Director Scott Logan.

The talented high school group continues its fundraising efforts to make the trip. If you'd like to help the Nickerson singers get to Carnegie Hall, you can donate through the Madrigals' GoFundMe page.