Group proposes ordinance to humanely control Wichita's stray-cat population

Published: Nov. 28, 2018 at 9:46 PM CST
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A committee in Wichita is proposing a new ordinance that would allow Wichita police officers to trap stray cats in the city, take them to be spayed or neutered and return them back into the city near the point at which they were caught.

It's all part of an effort to control the city's feral and stray cat population. The committee says it's been working on its proposal to implement a Trap, Neuter Release (TNR) program in Wichita for about three years.

The group says the program is a humane way to help cut down on the stray population as it would also lower euthanasia rates.

"Our number on euthanasia with cats remains high and so a goal of mine and the (Wichita Animal Shelter)...this is one way we're trying to see if we can reduce those numbers," says Wichita Police Lt. Brian Sigma.

The committee points out several cities across the U.S. have similar ordinances in place to implement a TNR program, including Lawrence and Kansas City in Kansas.

Approval from Wichita's animal services advisory board moves the ordinance forward for consideration from the Wichita City Council. The committee says the Wichita Police Department would propose a plan to put the TNR program in place before the council makes a final vote on an ordinance.