Group pushes for sex offenders' rights

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Police often remind parents to check for registered sex offenders ahead of Halloween trick or treating, but one national group says offender's rights are being infringed upon.
Wichita streets are all decked out for Halloween.
Jennifer Hickerson is ready to take the kids out for a fun night.
She is on the lookout for dangers but hasn't looked at the sex offender registry before.

"I have never done that. It would probably just be a good thing to do just to be aware of it, but not to necessarily, I guess you could avoid if you want."

A sex offenders’ rights group says there is unnecessary hysteria, and that statistics show no increased threat to children.

"There's no risk to it at all, the problem is that people have a misunderstanding that anyone on the registry is somehow dangerous and somehow they're going to grab their kids," said Brenda Jones, the executive director of National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws.

Lt. Lin Dehning with the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office said, "I guess I would take exception to the statement that sex offenders aren't a danger to children, I think there are probably a lot of parents that would disagree with that, and because of that, because of that throughout the year, it's not just Halloween there are other times through the year where we will let people know that they can search for registered offenders in their neighborhood."

The group says they are playing watchdog on law enforcement across the nation because it's about constitutional rights.

"Your rights are violated, you're on some type of a registry, you’re not allowed to do this or that, and it all started with those "icky" people," said Jones.

Meanwhile, Jennifer says it's important for parents or grandparents to be with the kids while they trick or treat.

"There's lots of dangers and there's people that are on lists, and there are people that aren't on lists as well as the vehicles, so I would be attentive to all of that," said Hickerson.