Group rallies near Southeast High School for student who died by suicide

Published: May. 15, 2019 at 5:25 PM CDT
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Just down the road from Southeast High School, a group lines 127th with signs.

One sign said 'stop bullying', another said 'protect trans kids'.

Cathy Piancone is a parent who went to the rally and march.

"We are here to help show the trans community that there is a lot of support for our trans kids, and we think they are our most vulnerable population, and if we aren't looking out for them, we have big problems," said Piancone.

The group rallies after a Southeast High School student died by suicide last week, who this group knew as "Bucky." They say bullying likely played a part in what happened.

Jordan Sarvela was also at the rally.

"I think we need to report better, but kids don't report because they don't see anything getting done. We need some sort of anti-bully policy that students have follow up with, which currently we don't have," said Sarvela.

They say there needs to be more education and acceptance.

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