Halstead High School Student uses positive posted notes to inspire students

Published: Oct. 25, 2019 at 9:26 PM CDT
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Students going to class and walking the halls at Halstead High School is nothing new but if you check some lockers on the inside you'll find a note, a positive note, coming from on student who some describe as quiet and shy.

Paige Grow is a Senior at Halstead. She says every week for Wellness Wednesday one of three school clubs are assigned to do an activity.

This week was her week, she's in the yearbook club.

Grow says it took her three weeks to research and write each detailed note about every student, which is more than 230.

A task she says she never expected to impact so many.

"I feel pretty good that they still have it up so it'll probably brighten up their day and so they left it up there," said Grow.

"a bunch of us didn't know who did it and to know that it was someone who's just like one person and she did it for everyone and the whole school that's really cool," said Parker Schroeder, a Halstead High School student.

With so many positive notes on every locker, grow was the only student without one. Halstead teachers changed that and found their own special way to say thank you.

With teachers cheering Grow to her locker, you can find thought notes from every halstead teacher on paige's locker, an emotional moment for teacher Allision O'Brien.

"So many kids were so like grateful, the things you said like how did she know that about me, because you took the time and you paid attention."

Time Grow says was well spent and hopes after she graduates the acts of kindess will continue.

O'Brien says even with her being quick, she says her actions spoke louder than her words.

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