Harper County farmer discusses pros, cons of having land near wind farm

HARPER COUNTY, Kan. With Reno County commissioners falling short of securing the unanimous vote it needed to move a proposed wind-farm project forward . Eyewitness News spoke with a farmer in Harper County about his experience living near a wind farm like what was proposed in southeast Reno County.

That farmer discussed the pros and cons of living near such a property, but overall agrees with many gathered at a meeting in Hutchinson Thursday night that the Reno County's decision not to move forward with the project is the right move to make.

Ed Troyer has been a farmer for more than 50 years and for about the past eight years, he's had a backyard view of wind turbines. He says there have been a few benefits to having the wind farm near his property, primarily in the form of additional revenue for the land's use.

He says Reno County made the right call in large part because of the higher population that would be impacted by the proposed wind farm north of Cheney Lake and west of Haven.

Since the turbines were added to land near his property, Troyer says he's had a few challenges, the biggest of which is the number of trespassers coming onto his property.