Harvey County crossing guard worried about intersection

NEWTON, Kan. (KWCH) UPDATE 10/12/17 11:30 a.m.

North Newton Police pulled over eight different drivers during its special enforcement from 7-8 a.m. on Thursday.

Deputy Chief Jim Bethards said the same drivers go through the intersection of 24th and Main Streets each day and may be getting complacent with traffic laws.

“Various excuses for why they didn’t stop. Some didn’t realize what they were doing, weren’t paying attention. I had one lady tell me we should mark the crosswalk and it should have white lines. ‘Ma’am it does have white lines’. She just didn’t realize that," Bethards said.

Other drivers cited visibility issues like trees in their line of sight, Bethards explained.

He said he believes drivers will begin to obey traffic laws once they are notified that they need to stop before the crosswalk.
A North Newton crossing guard says the intersection she works at is chaotic when kids walk to school.

Carolyn Howard says she was almost hit by a car twice at 24th and Main Streets while trying to get kids across the street.

"I'm afraid one of these days somebody is going to get hurt really bad. And it's more than likely going to be me and I'm too old," says Howard.

She says drivers are rolling through these stop signs and driving through the crosswalk.

The North Newton police department just gave her flares to put in the roadway and an LED light stick to get people's attention.

Howard used them the first time Wednesday and she says she didn't even notice a difference.

The North Newton Deputy Police Chief was at the intersection too and saw nine out of every ten drivers not obeying traffic laws.

Police say they haven't issued any citations yet. Officers are now doing special enforcements and will consider giving drivers tickets if they are not stopping where they should.