Public services restored after Harvey County cyberattack

Published: Feb. 6, 2018 at 7:47 PM CST
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Update Tuesday, Feb. 20:

Harvey County says its public services are "fully restored to full operation following the restoration of its computer network."

This restoration comes two weeks after the county reported its computer network fell victim to a cyberattack, hindering services.

The attack did not interrupt operations to any emergency services, but other departments worked through limited services as the network was restored, Harvey County says.

“We purposely took a meticulous approach to reinstating the network, ensuring information was safe and instituting additional protocols to help prevent future cybercrimes,” said Harvey County Administrator

Anthony Swartzendruber. “Moving forward, we will continue to review the incident and examine our procedures to identify additional opportunities for network security.”


Original story from Tuesday, Feb. 6

Harvey County Tuesday evening confirms its computer network fell victim to a cyberattack, hindering services.

"County facilities are scheduled to remain open this week, but our operations will be limited," the county says.

The county says a limited portion of the network was disabled in the attack and its working with its insurance providers and cybersecurity experts to recover information.

"The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been notified," Harvey County says.

The county says it does not believe any personal information of its citizens or employees was compromised.

“Our No. 1 priority is keeping everyone’s personal information safe. We will strive to ensure that,” said Harvey County Administrator Anthony Swartzendruber. “We have worked and worked and worked to accomplish that, and will continue to do so.”

The county says it discovered the cyberattack Sunday, prompting the Harvey County Courthouse to close Monday.

"Though the incident was believed to be alleviated on Monday, additional concerns from the same cyberattack were identified on Tuesday," the county says.

Harvey County says it "utilized the full extent of its own resources and those established through local partnerships to correct the cyberattack, but additional resources will be required to completely eradicate the threat."

The county says it has backup systems in place and purchased additional network security within the past year.

"Those measures were beneficial to limiting the reach of the cyberattack," Harvey County says.

The county says essential emergency services including 911 and the sheriff's office remain operational, but other functions including the driver's license office will not be available until the network is restored.