Have leftover fireworks? Proper storage is vital to keep home safe

Published: Jul. 5, 2019 at 6:05 PM CDT
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If you still have fireworks left over from the Fourth of July, Friday night is you last chance to legally shoot them off in the city of Wichita. The fun officially ends at midnight.

At least locally, firefighters say you should not save any extra fireworks you may have from your Fourth-of-July celebration, but if you do hold on to them, you need to make sure you store them safely.

Sedgwick County Fire Captain Bill Harold says keeping fireworks in your home, can lead to extensive damage, even if no fuses are lit and you keep them hidden from your children.

"People will store their unused fireworks in their garage or maybe their shed, or inside their house. But if their house catches on fire, now all of a sudden, we've got a pretty decent size of explosives all gathered up in one spot," Harold says.

The Sedgwick County Fire Department says the best way to store fireworks is in a non-flammable container with the lid tightly in place. For good measure, you can tape the lid shut.

"Keep them in a container in a dry, safe place," Harold says. "You want to make sure you keep it away from any open flame like your hot water heaters, your furnaces, anything like that. You want to make sure you definitely keep it away from children."

Depending on where you live, it may not even be legal to store fireworks. This is the case in Wichita after Friday (July 5). You should check your city's ordinance, or with the county in which you live if you're not sure whether storing leftover fireworks is allowed.